Thursday, March 7, 2013

Good news, bad news and sick kids.

Bad news first:  We lost  almost a full side of beef due  to a loss of power. We have our deep freezer at the office bldg. we own because it will not fit in our house. The renters upstairs cut the power for over a week to the room to fix some electrical, no one noticed that the deep freezer was no longer on for over a week. The smell was awful, there was so much blood at the  bottom. I was beyond upset when I found this out. Our farmer usually has a 4 month wait  to get more meat.

Now the good news: The renters will be paying us 990 dollars to replace the meat loss. After a desperate plea to our farmers they were able to part with a quarter of beef . Its not the cuts that we would usually get but it's better that factory farmed cow, I will deal! After finishing up our juice fast last week Papabird watched quite a few documentaries on healthy eating and he was appalled to find out how unhealthy store bought  chicken eggs really are, so now he is finally on board for backyard chickens....Yay! I am so excited I have been trying for 3 years to get him on board with that.
 Earlier this week  at Goodwill  I came cross this cute porcelain chicken. I am not sure what it is even supposed to be used for but I thought it would look cute on my window sill. I always seem to collect small things  like screws, batteries, toy handcuff keys,( notice the toy key still sitting next to my chicken) nails etc. on my windowsill and thought this would be a cute place to hide them. As I was washing  dishes that night I thought to myself I will just keep this chicken here as reminder  that one day I will have my own chickens.  This thrift find must be a lucky chicken because now we are getting chickens. The chicken now has a name,..... Lucky!
Here is the inside, maybe  the top part is a salt shaker? There is a small hole in the head and you can take out this yellow plug so you could fill the inside.

Off to the library this week to pick up some chicken books

 I will be reading these  in my spare moments. Although I really want to finish Water for Elephants  I just picked up the movie from the library and I am half tempted to watch the movie before I finish the book so I can move on to my chicken research.

So  3 out of 4  kids are sick this week so we didn't really get to much done that I had planned. We did finally narrow down the books we will be turning into a   shoe box diorama  for our book festival.
Owl will be  doing  The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Duck will be doing The Pizza Place Ghost
Robin will be doing Stage Fright on a Summer Night
Falcon will be doing  Eregon
So we brainstormed ideas on what our projects will look like.

I bought the Wreck it Ralph DVD for the kids this week. They have been waiting for  it to come out on DVD since we saw it in the theater on a Christmas Eve.  They must have watched it more than a dozen times this week, which was fine since they were sick and I wanted them all laying down resting.

We also made some home decor   Inspired by the BFIAR book Jesse Bear. You can see the whole blog post about it here. I LOVE them and may make more next week.

We are cooking .....
Spaghetti squash

Lettuces wrapped chicken avocado  salad
Lemon Basil chicken
Chocolate cinnamon ice cream

Sweet potato fries ( I put them on top of my salad today and it was so good, I will try that again)

My kitchen has been a wreck all week and laundry behind, In fact my 2 little boys ran out of clean underwear on Thursday night. They were not happy about not wearing underwear, although at least 1 day out of the week they do not  have underwear on anyhow, go figure. Most of my emails  have been up to date though! This may not look like a mess but I have a small kitchen so I am non stop washing dishes ( by hand) just free more counter space to move on to the next thing.

Trying to convert to a more paleo  diet has lead us to try some new interesting foods, all of which I have enjoyed, some more than others.

We are heading out to Falcons first Taekwondo sparring match of the season this weekned and gearing up for Jr. Olympics in July.


MommyKuehner said...

I like those lettuce wraps. I will have to try those!!

OSOTM said...

Chickens! Wooo hooo! :)

Michelle Cannon said...

Glad you'll be covered on the beef! My goodness!

Michelle said...

You will love having chickens. It took me over a year to talk my husband into getting chickens. He told me they would be my birds. I promised to do all the care and cleaning. He would haven't to lift a finger. Now their his birds. He is out there every morning talking to them and gathering the eggs. They even talk back to him and let him pick them up.He is also talking about getting more chickens. And yes he does help clean the coop.

Desiree said...

Yay for chickens! I guess I was kinda lucky because one day my hubby said to me "wanna get some chickens?" I had always thought the idea was fun, but didn't think we would ever actually do it. Love having chickens! Now I just need more yard space :-)

Ha ha, it's nice to know that my kids aren't the only ones who run out of underwear once in a while.

Anonymous said...

terrific goodwill find!!