Thursday, March 28, 2013

Nationals here we come!

Falcon is a state champ!  He won Gold in sparrring and  in forms at States and will be going off to nationals in Chicago!

I am such a proud mama!  We have been going to specialists to have his sports injury looked at and see how long he needs to be off until he can jump back in. Hopefully he will be back to sparring practice this weekend!

Yay for spring and sunshine. I have recently realized that I have a case of the winter blues so I am looking forward to warmer days and spending more time outside. I may even give the kids the summer off school  (or maybe just a month) instead of following our usual  6 weeks on 1 week off. I haven't fully decided yet.

The weather was 30-50 this week so we got outside and filled up our bike tires after a winter of sitting in the leaky garage.

We had some windy nights and this blow off our neighbors house. As soon as I saw it, I stepped on it, ( my fear of bees over taking me!) Luckily, the bees make these homes extremely resilient to  being stomped on by big giant home wreckers like me. There were no bees harmed, this home was vacant. Now we have another specimen to add to our nature shelf.

In the insect family we have a monarch butterfly that we mounted last spring, a bumblebee, a honey bee,  a Cicada killer wasp ( those suckers are HUGE!) and now this hive!

Girl Scouts
Robin is doing a Girl Scout project  for the State fair for  bees, ladybugs and crickets so finding this hive was great!

We had a girl scout movie day and went to the theater to see The Croods, It was a great show. Then  half of us went to lunch together then off homeschool gym, it was a great afternoon.

We are working on  the Brownie Making Friends badge. Robin's best friend has  found herself a new best friend which is leaving Robin feeling left out. This was her very first close friend so it's been hard for her to understand. So we are trying to build relationships with other girls.   It's hard to see your child hurting though, but life hurts sometimes!

We have had two very  busy weeks with doctors appts. and homeschool events on each and everday.

In our free moments all the kids have been working on their book dioramas for our book festival on Monday.

We went on  a tour through  the oldest theater in our town, it was built in  the late 1800's.  This worked out great since Robin's book dioroma is Stage Fright on a Summer Night, so we got to see the stage up close and personal.

Duck and Owl looking over the edge of the stage!

Watching maple syrup being made.

Need a book for your young adult? I found this website from some papers left in one of Falcon's  recent books.

Falcon read How Sugar Changed the World which was a finalist in 2012 for non fiction.

Here is the booklist link for 2013 

Falcon is going to start reading BOMB! which  is  the 2013 non fiction winner. I think I may read this one as well.

I am reading:


Kym Thorpe said...

The tour of the theatre looks like a great field trip - one my daughter would enjoy.

Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

I think I would have stepped on that hive too! Hi, found you through the i-homeschool link up. I'm your newest follower.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Falcon. I would really enjoy the theatre field trip. I love old building like that.