Sunday, March 24, 2013

Winter, or should I say Spring blues!

I have a case of the blah's....

 I think I just need some good ole sunshine.  I love winter, I love snow, I love being outdoors but this year  I have been home bound. I  usually go outside with the kids  EVERYDAY no matter the weather, but this year... not so much!

It started in November the kids started getting sick, usually I still take them outside to get fresh air but this year I seem to have stayed in much more. Over the last month I have been very drawn to the colors yellow and orange I have been trying to figure out why I have this sudden urge to have everything around me yellow or orange. Finally, it dawned on me, I just  need some healing rays of the sun on  my skin and face. I also then realized that I have not been taking my D3 regularly either.

Kinda of odd that I come to this theory just after spring has sprung. So I have organized  the house today, hung up some beach art that the kids made last year,  hung up some other pictures I bought at Goodwill but never got around to hanging up. and  de -cluttered some of the winter mess.
I cleaned off the top of my dresser so that  I could actually see my books, instead of the leaning tower of crap that I had piled up about a foot high. The pictures above  the mirror I bought at Goodwill 75 cents, I love them though. They  were just sitting on my dresser for the last  8 months or so. My jar full of  glass beads is my bookend so my books won't topple to the floor!

I took my mom's  ashes to Writesville beach last May and placed her in her final resting place under the light of a full moon. The kids collected sand and shells from that beach and we made these.

I used a mix of plaster, sand and seawater ( I  saved 2 bottles of it to bring back with us).
I poured the mix into molds ( I used yogurt and oatmeal containers)
After the firmed up a bit the kids gently pushed in the seashells they chose then sprinkled with sand.
After it hardened I hot glued ribbon around the edge.
Then hung up on the wall ( almost a year late) Yikes!
Not bad since it took my 3 years to get my mom ashes to the beach she wanted during a full moon!
Now we have a part of her on the wall always!

Hanging these up today did put me in a much better mood.

I got my butt outside as well and filled up most of the bicycle tires except mine because I ran out of juice in my air compressor. I will fill them up tomorrow since I have promised one of my 4 rays of light that I would take a bike ride with  her a few times around the block. I am excited to get back into riding my bike each night now that it should be getting warmer.

Next week will be a busy one we have homeschool events, and doctors appts. everyday of the week but I am determined to get out to the park and get back into nature with the kids flipping over logs and stomping in the mud ( well maybe no stomping in the mud,  the high will only be 40!).

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