Thursday, March 14, 2013

Molten Glass and a Winning GOLD Medal.

All about glass, we went to the Art museum to learn all about pieces of art made with glass. Then we got to watch a glass blowing demonstration. My father joined us on this tour, it was so nice to see him up and walking (with a walker) after his 3rd scare with cancer.
 The glass dress was a favorite of Robin's
 The glass bench was fun to sit on
 The oldest art piece that our museum has it is 35,000 years old! We have been trying to track this one down in our museum for months but no one knew what I was talking about. Luckily this Docent knew exactly what I as talking about.
 A beautiful piece that the kids were admiring!
The 1950's diner was a favorite of mine.
 In the hot shop, with very hot molten glass. All the kids were ooohing and ahhhhing.
The girls were excited he was making a pink piece of glass.

We read some great books.

Elena's Serenade

Did you know that this book is based off of a true story, Grandma Prisbrey actually made a whole village from glass bottles from the dump in 1956. Very cool! Check out pictures of  her village here .

I just found this activity on pinterest this week and will be doing it next week with the kids.

Falcon went to his first Taekwondo tournament of the season and he did very well. He got first place in sparring and 2nd place in forms.  This is the first year that electronic gear will be used to assist in scoring, we had to buy our electronic socks to work on the sparring  gear. Those sure did cost a pretty penny, $75! You have to kick HARD to get those things to register too! Falcon won his last match in a sudden death round scoring the  winning blow with the most beautiful jumping back kick I have ever seen, All the couches and spectators were blown away. I yelled so loud when he got that last point, and of course this was the only tournament I did not video tape. It was an intense match I couldn't  keep my eyes off the mat. When he won he held up his medal and said to me " I won this medal with blood, sweat, and tears!" He got kicked in the nose  right before he won the match and was quite shaken up by it.

This weekend we will be heading to States to compete, It's very exciting that we are competing in an Olympic event! We will be heading to Detroit in July to compete in Jr. Olympics as long as he qualifies  which I am sure he will.

Falcon is in blue, the other kid got a pretty good shot at him knocking him down you can see the other kids coach on the chair with a big smile on his face. He was a tough competitor but this was the kid
 Falcon beat out for first!


MommyKuehner said...

Whoohooo!!!! Way to go Falcon!!!

OSOTM said...

That glass dress is incredible! Wow! Go, Falcon! (That looks like a serious hit though! Ouch!)

Anonymous said...

Super cool bottle village.
And wow - that is a neat picture. That looks painful, but I am glad he found something he likes.
My son just started Karate.

Have a great rest of your week.

Lynn said...

Congratulations to your son! How awesome! That field trip looks really cool. I'll have to look at the pictures of the village. Sounds really neat. Have a good week! :)

Suburban Farm Girl

Desiree said...

Neat field trip to the art museum. We have been trying to get to our art museum for months. Now I really want to get there!