Friday, December 26, 2014

Opposites attract

They say opposites attract, that seems to be true with Papabird and I. It is uncanny the amount of things we are so opposite about.

It is as simple as Black and white, really!My favorite color is White, Papabird's is Black.Seriously! I am not making this stuff up.

I cook a new recipe I  am loving it, I am literally sitting there wolfing it down only to look across the table and see Papabird just pushing it around his plate making it look eaten. Sometimes I get the occasional " Bleh! this is horrible!" Which then infuriates me because now all the little birds will then refuse to eat it!

I like it bright and sunny in the house, he likes all the windows closed making it cave like.

I like arcade type games, he likes fantasy games ( I do like some fantasy, he does like some arcade)

We sometimes laugh about our opposites and we sometimes argue.

Let talk Christmas decorations: I like stuff up just before Thanksgiving and take down the day after Christmas. Papabird likes it up the week before Christmas but up throughout most of January.
I just found a very cute website with natural Christmas decorations  I hope to remember those for next year.

Thankfully we do agree on one very important thing. We want to live off the land and have a farm Lucky for use we just bought one. Now lets talk animals: We both are having a hard time deciding on what animals to start with this spring.

Chickens: yes we do agree on those lots of them over 100., but what bread? Another issue we have not agreed on yet.We have a lot of animals on the table, well soon to be on the table! But we have only agreed on chickens, ducks and, turkey so far.

Happy Holidays!

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