Monday, December 15, 2014

Saying Goodbye is never easy

I never wanted a dog,,I am not a dog person but this dog stole my heart.

He was my first dog, he was a pure blood black lab bought for my husband but that stinkin dog chose me as his owner. I even tried to get him to sleep with my 3 yr. son and be his dog but that bull headed dog would cry without me and sleep next to me bed.
 Pretty puppy
 Hide n Seek
Bath time: puppies, bubbles and lots of giggles
 Drinking beer!

For11 years that dog has either slept in my bed with me or right next to my bed.

When I was in labor with all my kids he knew before I did that the babies were coming he would follow me around.

My 3 year old pooped in the back yard like a dog to teach our puppy where to do it.

The kids picked a good spot to bury him, on a hill next to a tree by the pond looking at the house. He was wrapped up in blankets and buried with items the kids wanted to add. His purple leash because he loved walks,some treats because he loved to eat, a football because he loved playing tackle with Falcon, a balloon Duck drew a face on for him. The kids got to pet him and say goodbye and they all helped put dirt over him in his final resting place.

His hips were bad, he was in a lot of pain and his meds were not working. I was not going to watch him struggle and let him be in pain just because I was not ready to let go.

Yes he still wagged his tail, yes he was still happy to see me. Even when I am in pain I still smile and I am still happy to see those I love that is not a true way to see if your dog is in pain. Dogs will not cry. He couldn't get up some days, he walked slow and was restless at night, he was in pain. They can't tell you but they show you.

I was not ready to let go. I had no idea how much I loved this dog I am so incredibly sad right now.

Goodbye puppy you will be forever missed.

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MommyKuehner said...

So sorry for your loss. Animals become such a part of our lives. Hugs