Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Another adventure in our human body studies we are learning about blood.

The kids used watered down red tempra paint and we made blood drops on paper.

Duck enjoyed moving the blood from container to container with the dropper most!

Robin was so excited to catch a blood bubble on her paint covered finger.

Blood spill!

All over the floor!

Here is our Blood Model with our stuffed white blood cell from Giant Microbes We LOVE our giant microbes we own about 15 differnt microbes.

Our blood model consisted of:
plasma - corn syrup
red blood cells - red hots
white blood cells - lima beans
platlets - pinto beans
American Red Cross Blood bank. I took all the kids with me to go donate blood but they rejected me because my BP was to low and my pulse was to high. The kids did get to see some cool stuff though.

An old red cross uniform, no one their knew how old it was.

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