Thursday, March 22, 2012

FIAR: Katy and the Big Snow

I really enjoyed this book, my kids gave it 5 stars! This has been a favorite FIAR book so far. All 3 of my littles sat down and enjoyed this story every time.

We went for a many fun walks where I let the kids take turns holding the compass while I told them which direction to head (north, south, east or west) this was quite a challenge at first but as the week progressed they got the hang of it. I planned on making a compass with them this week but never got around to it. That would be an awesome project to go along with this book.

We discussed weather across the globe and looked up the temperature to many major cities through the world. We also talked about how when its night in half the world it is day in another. We used yellow post its to represent day time and blue for night time. We also discussed that if its winter in the northern hemisphere then it is Summer in the southern hemisphere.

Shaving cream on a tray to simulate snow then pushing cars thorough it.

We talked about fire safety, practiced fire drills and finished this fire safety workbook.

A favorite movie of Ducks that has big machines on it.

We went to go see some real big machines at work. This is my Jr. high that they just tore down!

I got out our bean box and the kids had fun playing it it pretending to push snow (beans) around in the box with little construction vehicles.

I printed off some clip art street signs that I taped to some wooden blocks. The kids all built their own cities. We had a few discussions on how the city would function without certain buildings ( police stations, fire departments, hospitals etc)

This was a great book and I found that it had the possibility of so many more extensions than I even did. This will be a favorite on our bookshelf for many years to come. want to see what my friend Renita did with this book check out what she did here.

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Genevieve said...

What cool experiences you have had with just one little book! I can't wait until next month when I get to order FIAR!