Thursday, March 1, 2012

FIAR- Papa Piccolo- Spanish hour week2

FIAR- Papa PIccolo
One of my favorite Five in a Row books. Venice is such a fun place to learn about. Next week we will be learning about the the place called "the Venice of Asia" any guesses as to where our studies will be taking us?

We watched a Gondola regatta on youtube (love youtube)
We also watched
Such a beautiful DVD.

We worked on the color wheel

Robin did well.

Owl mixed all his colors together.

We discussed the many different types of cats in the world. We read many other cat stories:
This was a great book to work with our geared clocks and get some math skills in.

We ate out at an Italian restaurant!
We discussed who Marco Polo was and what he was famous for. Robin was excited to hear that he traveled to China (her favorite country)

Playing with our barges in the tub transporting good from place to place.

Being extra silly and trying out how easy it would be for us to drink with our tongues out of a dish on the floor like a cat. Our tongues were not made to drink this way and the kids soon found out how very hard this was. They all had a blast trying it though!

Drinking fresh milk out of a bowl.

Spanish hour

We continued setting aside an hour a day to have some free play all related to Spanish speaking.

I labeled things around the house with Spanish words.

We watched more Spanish videos, a kids favorite this week was:

Ironically during Spanish hour I received a phone call from a telemarketer who sounded Spanish. I asked him if Spanish was his first language and lucky for me it was. He is from Puerto Rico. He was so much fun to talk to he let me ask him lots of questions and try out some conversational Spanish. It was a great experience to talk to native speaker. He gave me some great ideas!.

We have been watching Spanish TV and listening to Spanish music on Iheart radio

Falcon has been working on a persuasive essay, I told him depending on what he wrote it on I may be persuaded to grant his request if he makes a good enough argument. Here it is

I think it is completely healthy to up my bedtime from 8:30 to 9:00 PM. Being 11 years old I really only need 9.1 hours of sleep per day but end up getting 10.5-11 hours of sleep a day.
Getting enough sleep is very important. In fact, according to The National Sleep Foundation sleep deprivation can lead to heart disease, diabetes, car accidents, and many more potentially life threatening situations such as increased body mass index.
According to The National Sleep Foundation kids from ages 10-17 only need 8.5-9.25 hours of sleep each day to be completely healthy. says that kids from ages 7-12 need 10-12 hours of sleep a day. and say that school children need 10-11 hours of day. I am right on the borderline between preteen and teen so rules considering bedtimes for children my age are quite foggy.
By combining the research from the websites and averaging out the numbers realized that I only need around 9.1 hours of sleep a day. So, just by increasing my bedtime by just 30 minutes I would be getting 10-10.5 hours of sleep each day staying well within my borderline to stay nice and healthy.
I know for a fact that it is completely safe to move my bedtime from 8:30 to 9:00 PM because by doing the math and crunching some numbers I figured out that I only need about 9 hours of sleep to stay healthy

The format got all messed up when I pasted it, but you get the idea. He did make quite a few mistakes but pretty good for his first persuasive easy with almost no help from me.

Don't forget to check out the yummy Shammrock Smoothies we made.


Genevieve said...

I am in the process of deciding whether to homeschool my children. My sister recommended Five in a Row, and I am excited to see how you would actually put it into practice. Thanks for helping me in my decision making!!! Great activities.

Dianna said...

Looks like a great and fun week.

Our Side of the Mountain said...

So does he get to stay up later? I think he did a WONDERFUL job! He certainly supported his thoughts and showed that he would indeed still get enough sleep. Way to go!

I had to LOL at the lapping out of a bowl! My youngest was pretending to be a cat the other day. He put down a bowl of milk...and a bowl of "kibbles" (i.e. Cheerios) and wanted breakfast that way. Kids! What imaginations! LOL

Mama Bird said...

Lol, Jesse, kids are funny that way now my younger kids want to drink and eat out of bowls on the floor all the time.

To answer your question YES I did move him bedtime to 30 min later!

Chareen said...

don't you love how kids start using rhetoric ? the winds of change are starting to blow for you.

Love the colour wheel :)

lots of fun in your home this week

Amy said...

what a really fun week! :)

Diane said...

I think Falcon has the making of a lawyer! Or a really, really good lobbyist. :) thank you for sharing on NOBH!