Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First day of spring activities.

Playing with chalk in our driveway.

Spring is my favorite season, lots of rain which I love and not to hot. I love seeing the world green again and so full of color and activity. It is just so uplifting.!

In the morning we went to the graveyard to feed the ducks. I love walking through the graveyard and looking at all the headstones, some say it's morbid but I feel it's the exact opposite. I am remember those long lost, even those I do not know. Graveyard walking really makes you think about the fact that your days here are numbered and you should live everyday like your last. I saw a really neat headstone today with Asian characters on it. I was unable to get a good picture, maybe next time. The children and I enjoyed our walk and the sunshine as we fed the ducks and saw a turtle popping his head out of the water and peeking at us from time to time.

We read some read spring stories;

This one has a bunch a great Spring time activities to do at the back of the book.

We plan on doing most of these activities through out the season.

Went on a walk to spy things "spring" Robin took all of these photos.

Seeds on a sidewalk.

Leaf sprouts on the maple tree in front of the house.

This is such a neat looking tree. An elderly man near our house has taken over the property next to his house that the city owns and has turned it into a secret garden! It's so impressive, we actually knocked on his door and met him today. I will have to take pictures of it when its in full bloom. walking through his Garden makes me want to read The Secret Garden

Sketched daffodils

Spring flower painted by Robin, she got silly and painted the sky green and the grass purple (only because I told her I was only getting out green, yellow, and purple paints!)

Made a cute daffodil banner here is the blog tutorial

I got this great idea from the Spring blog Carnival be sure to check it out for some great spring activites or add your own.

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