Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Rock Bugs!

Our Rock bugs,this idea came from the book:

I thought it would be fun to take a walk and look for rocks we could paint as bugs (in the story, the root children paint bugs and lead them up to the surface to welcome spring.)

We went for a walk to look for rocks that would make great bugs. There is an area near our house where a train used to go through but they took the tracks down last year and now all that is left is miles and miles of a rocky path where the train tracks used to be. It is s bit littered up so we had to be careful of the areas with glass but the kids had a great time selecting their rocks.

At first they all tried to pick the biggest rocks they could carry but I reminded them that they had to carry these all the way back home and they reluctantly chose smaller rocks.

The boys were so cute carrying their rocks. I showed them how to use their shirts as a basket and they thought thatvwas really neat.

Painting our bugs. Owl was have more fun painting water on the cement than painting the rocks!

After they dried (the next day) we used Sharpies to add stripes and dots to our bug skin.

Some of our finished bugs.


Kelly said...

Oh, these are so cute and clever. We're going to start learning about insects soon and I'll have to remember these cute bug rocks.
Kelly at Little Wonders' Days

sunnymama said...

Your rock bugs are very cute! It's a great idea. Thank you for sharing them with our spring carnival. :)