Friday, March 9, 2012

Homeschool Mothers Journal - circle time stumps

The new outdoors circle time area (when weather permits) and kids play area.

I love these stumps and have so many ideas on what we can use them for.

We had our tree trimmed last year and finally had someone come cut up and take all of the. We kept it thinking we would do something with it someday. Papa bird and Falcon thought they were going to chop it all up with an ax. They did do quite a bit but chopping solid oak was not as easy and they thought.

What the wood pile looked like in Feb of 2011

Robin was so excited to see more than a dozen of her favorite birds looking for worms out of our lawn.

Which do you use when giving meds to your kids?
regular spoon

or medicine spoon

My mom always used just a teaspoon from the silver ware drawer. I have always use a medicine syringe or spoon. When my kids were sick this week and I could find any medicine spoons I started using just teaspoon. I do only give herbal remedies with them I am usually more precise if I ever do give synthetic pharma drugs the doctors peddle.

Our homeschool week:
Well due to sick kids we did not get as much done as I wanted but we did finish up all our Thailand studies check out my blog post on it here We got a very neat package from Thailand with all sorts of fun stuff in it, and met an exchange student a homeschool friend of mine is hosting from that country.

I came across this picture on facebook.

Do NOT eat what ants would NOT touch.
Top right: margarine, left: reduced fat margarine,
bottom right: natural butter.

I thought this would be great to try out ourselves and many other real food vs. synthetic food items. Great science project, if you try this or something similar please post your link here so we can see it.

Here are a few interesting comments made by my friends about the facebook post
"It looks like the couple ants that tried the margarine died!"
"I wonder if the ants would eat the margarine in the absence of butter..."


Our Side of the Mountain said...

Hmm...the ants and margarine/butter is quite interesting! I prefer butter! It just tastes better and if I'm going to have the "bad" I might has well have the "best", right?

We're hoping to cut some different height stumps this put in the chicken run for the hens to roost on during the day! LOL

MiaB said...

that is very interesting experiment with the ants!! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting :) Also wanted to invite you to link up any kid-friendly posts you may have on our weekly Sharing Saturday that will go live tomorrow :)