Thursday, August 23, 2012

FIAR - Storm In The Night.

We read the Five In A Row book Storm In The Night

Some other books we read to go along with the story. I was happy that mother nature gave us a few thunder and lighting storms so we could observe the weather we were reading about first hand.

This was not a favorite of Robin's, she said it was long and boring.

I cut out of people of all ages so she could sort them into 3 groups on 3 of our circle time rugs.

1.Older than Mommy
2.Mommy's age
3.Younger than Mommy

She did very well except for 1 picture that she put in the Mommy pile. It was a very old Woman (much older than me) with dark hair and lots of wrinkles. The dark hair made her think it belonged in the middle age group (Eek I am middle aged then!)but upon closer examination you could see the many wrinkles on her face.

We also talked about the differences in the age groups and if they could all do the same things, or if they might need specialty products like dentures.

My Dad has dentures and when he came over he popped them out for the kids to see and they were shocked, they did not know he had fake teeth. He then explained that if you don't take good care of your teeth this would happen to you.
Pictures Robin and Owl did of clouds and lightning after reading that story.

We made Storm Smoothies, the kids liked watching the cyclone in the blender.

Just a mix of Spinach, blueberries, Plain Yogurt and bananas
We also ate clouds (Whipped cream) and raindrops (blueberries)

Raindrop limbo

I used a suspension rod and hung raindrops from it, the kids had so much fun playing under the raindrops.

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