Friday, August 10, 2012

School Planning = late nights

Homeschooling stuff
I have spent many late nights this week watching Grey's Anatomy  (my new addiction) and  trying to organize school stuff in a logical order and write up lesson plans. The last few years I have been a bit unschooly but this year I  want to have a better plan on what I want the children to accomplish. My biggest fail last year was not having the supplies I needed to do science and crafts that go along with things we were learning. I will be continuing my late night planning through the weekend because I sure do know how to party!

I have more events, field trips and outside activities planned for the kids this year than previous years BUT this is the first year I don't have a baby. My youngest is now 3! So life might be easier and harder depending on how you look at it.

Robin had entered 5 projects  for Girl Scouts in the state fair and she ended up getting first place  three projects.
1.Art and art History project on Monet
2.Saving the Monarch project
3.Friendship project
She got Second on two as well.
1. First Aid project where she made first aid kits
2. Candy, she made old fashioned honey candy
Our troop entered 3 projects and we got first on all of them and one won the Grand award!

Robin was at art camp with her best friend this week and had a lot of fun.

Robin started Taekwondo this week and looks so cute in her uniform. Falcon is also helping co- teach the class. I don't know  who was more excited  Falcon or Robin. Now Duck wants to know when he can start.

We took this week off school so we can start our official school year next week.

In My Life
I have been doing a modified juice fast this week only  juicing my foods and eating raw fruits and veggies. I threw a few to many hot peppers in a juice this week and my lips, throat, and stomach were on  FIRE. Then the next juice I made which was cabbage,carrots, apples, and grapes was super spicy too!.I clean the juicer overtime so not sure what happened there but I am going to soak everything and see how my next juice turns out.

On Wednesday night Papabird and I decided to break our juice fast and eat Chinese. That was a BAD Idea. You are supposed to ease off juice fasts so its not a shock to your body before through something in it like Chinese full of MSG and other nasty hard to digest foods. Well I learned my lesson I  had pain so bad on my right side I couldn't move well So I  went to my doctor ( google)  and found out that it must be appendicitis so  then I off to google all natural treatments and started treating my self for that. I am in a lot less pain now but this will be a lesson that sticks with me.

On the morning that  I was in so much pain my youngest boys were playing so  nicely in the basement I should have kwon that was a bad sign, but I was in so much pain I didn't care. When I went down stairs to tell the boys it was time to leave to pick up Robin from art camp I almost cried. This is what I found.

They took everything off of every shelf and dumped everything thing out of every container. This is a game they play called "garbage"

So When I cam home from getting Robin Mommy played her game called "Garbage" and  filled 2 bags up with toys to be donated to Goodwill.

My favorite thing week....
Was going on a long bike ride with Falcon. When he first asked to come with me I told him no because I wanted to just be by myself and listen to the new music I just uploaded and my ipod, plus he slows me down. After I was gone for about 10 minutes I felt guilty for not letting him go so I turned around and went back to get him. We then went on a very long hour and a half long bike ride up to the university and had some great conversations about life, liberty, education, and the pursuit of happiness. I am so glad I changed my mind and went back for him..

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Chareen said...

Well done to Robin :) Three first places is excellent.

I know what you mean about burning the midnight oil. I have been two.

I also want to become more organised with our homeschool ideas.

I would love to juice fast but I'm afraid I will need to wait for the grocery cupboard and finance to sort itself out first.

Golly I'm not so sure I could play your gargage game quiet that well.

Have a good rest this weekend.


PS I love the colour of your background. It's been a while since I have been able to pop on over :)