Monday, August 13, 2012

First day of School

 Back to the books. I was hoping to have 6 complete full weeks planned out for all 4 kids before we started BUT I procrastinated a bit to much and found MANY things to distract me from doing lesson planning. I did manage to get about 65% of it done and I will continue working on that through this week.

Day one went well. the first day usually does, its usually a few weeks in that gets hard. We did get all assignments that I had planned done  today. Falcon  had some issues today but he is almost 12 and anyone who has a preteen knows just what I am talking about with the attitude. At the beginning of the day I had him write out on a piece of paper to be hung up on the wall that ANY work turned into me with illegible sloppy handwriting and improper sentence structure will jeed to be fixed that day. I was really hoping that this would help but Falcon had to rewrite 4 assignments and had quite the attitude about it so he was doing push up's and jumping jacks as punishment. If you didn't already know I run a children's boot camp at my house, failure to  pay attention and attitudes will be addressed with physical labor.

We did manage to  take a walk with our neighbors and play at the park for almost 2 hours.

An exciting event of the day was playing with our neighbors foster puppy that will be used as a therapy dog.

Have you started school yet? How have your Days gone?

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