Thursday, August 23, 2012

More Mushroom Hunting

Worked on a on a quick symmetry project
Some symmetrical works they did.

Nature studies
We went on a mushroom hunt this week through the forest again This week we came prepared  with a  backpack full of mushroom identification books  paper, clipboards, pencils and towels  to  sit on.  Our neighbors joined us this time  and her kids seemed to really enjoys spotting all the types of mushroom. She was even amazed by all the different types of mushrooms we found.
 A favorite of the kids was this little dark orange mushroom they called it a  Cheetos  mushroom, we never did identify it.
 Robin hunting for mushrooms
 The boys checking out the sites down a ravine.
 This is a chicken mushroom and totally edible..
 When you break it apart it looks  just like cooked chicken!
 I love the happy little slug hanging out on the mushroom.
Sketching the mushroom with a slug on it.


I am using Story of The World for history with Robin. This week we learned all about Archaeology and the kids went on a dig in out back yard and we examined our artifacts carefully to see what we could learn about the people who left these items behind. I buried various items in the dirt for them to dig up, they had fun all week long burying them and digging them back up.

Falcon has been reading about evolution and wrote a 2 page report on the life and discoveries of Charles Darwin.

Reading room
I am Still trying to get through 50 Shades of Grey.

Falcon is reading:
Dangerous Days of Daniel X

Robin is reading:
Dingos at Dinnertime and American Girl Marie- Grace Cecile books.

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Mack said...

Ever wonder why Matsutake mushrooms are quite expensive in Japan? Well, the number of Matsutake mushrooms harvested in the country has decreased sharply due to the introduction of a bug that kills the trees they grow under. I'm not sure about the name of this bug, I can't remember. Personally, the fragrance and taste of Matsutake mushroom is unmatched.

Mack Shepperson