Friday, August 17, 2012

Magical Blue Mushrooms

With my littles ones we are reading 1 book a week and expanding all sorts of education and projects to go along with it. We had fun reading Dog's Colorful day

We started  learning about the history of money and the value. I made these fun jars to have the kids sort money.

We made a special lucky penny jar to add all the coins we may find.

I took out the family tree my Grandfather made by hand over 40 years ago. This family tree goes back to the 1800's when the first of our family came over from Scotland. My mother said she spent her whole childhood at graveyards while her dad researched, maybe that's why I love graveyards to much

The little branch that is forked is my mom and her twin.
 The original was framed at our cities Main library branch for years. It's taken down now but in their archive room in a vault with other local art pieces. I need to have another print done so I can frame it sometime very soon.

Every time I  look at this tree I am in awe of the work this took.

The children made their own family trees  which were so cute.

This is a very cute story about grouping things together to make families.
I didn't think Owl was even listening but as soon as the story was over and they were eating snack I saw him group is veggie fries together into families. He was so proud!

After snack Duck and Owl got out the counting bears and started sorting them into bear families.

As A family we learned all about Slavery and the Underground Railroad  reading through  the Five in a Row book Who Owns the Sun. I am doing a separate blog post on that next week.

Robin started  Teaching Textbooks math 3 and Falcon Adgebra1

Nature studies:
On a walk through the forest I spotted a TON of mushrooms when they shouldn't be popping up yet until much later in the year (maybe it's a sign for an early winter.) So we went on a mushroom hunt and found at least 20 different types. Luckily I had Falcon's camera so we took a ton of pictures.
Top of mushroom
 The bottom was not gilled so I was curious to feel it when I touched it it turned BLUE!
You can see the stem broken off exposed to air turned blue as well and every time you touched it it would turn blue, like a bruise. This did NOT stain your fingers nor did any blue get on us at all. It was a very weird magical mushroom.

After a quick google search we were easily able to identify it as a Blue-Staining Bolete check out this link halfway down is a video of them cutting the mushroom and watching it turn blue. It was such a neat find.  Strange that we didn't find this mushroom in any of the 4 mushroom identifying books we checked out at the library.


MommyKuehner said...

Great week....I have been wanting to do a geneology unit. I will have to look up this book.

Our Side of the Mountain said...

Dog's Colorful Day! I love that book! It's been a while since I've read it though. ::sigh:: Kiddos are growing up on me! ::wink::

Seriously cool family tree! My great aunt has been doing our tree for 50 years? she has binders and binders...and binders. She's actually gone back to BC on one line! It's really interesting stuff!

And the mushroom was magical! I bet the kids got a kick out of that!

Chareen said...

Wow what an amazing legacy from your grandfather. That's amazing. I'm going to show my mom she's been doing our family tree for the last few years.


Savannah McQueen said...

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If you think you'd like to complete this interview send me an email at, and I will reply with the questions.

Stefanie said...

That family tree is amazing! So is the blue mushrooms.