Thursday, August 11, 2011

Letter D, earth science, 1st state, trees and more...

Letter D

our D bag

We started our stated studies.
Up first Delaware, tied in nicely with our letter theme
younger kids located state on the map then colored state bird. My older son did a words search and some history on the state.

We also started our Greek studies for our World Traveler club that meets once a month.

My 10 yr old has been watching these disks all week so far he has watched 3/5 disks.

We started our earth Science unit that we will be working on for the next 18 weeks.
this book has some awesome hands on activities.
We also did some nature study on trees and identified a few with our tree books. My 5yr old then drew pictures of the parts of a tree and we discussed the difference in living and non living things.

We tried to make a Foucault Pendulum without success, I didn't read the fine print. we needed to hang our weighted 2 liter bottle from a 15 foot cord, we only used 5 feet. So we watched how it works on youtube and discussed why ours didn't work.

The kids drew pictures to help remember that we live on a round planet. Here are the pictures.

Worked through some activities to write research reports. My 10 yr old will need to write a short research paper each week on that weeks science lessons.

World Cultures
We may be taking in an exchange student from Pakistan for the entire school year, still waiting for the official approval from my husband. My friend is hosting a girl from Thailand and I just fell in love with her we wanted to host her but we cannot due to paperwork and the fact that she is already enrolled at a different school district than us so for whatever reason we cannot take her.


Mrs Random said...

Wow, where would someone even hang a 15 foot cord? Sad that a five foot cord wouldn't work. I would think the principles would still be the same....but since i've never understood those weird clocks anyway, a fat lot I know!

Mama Bird said...

Ya, I know! It still was neat to watch thugh we then hung it from 1 foot of cords as well then discussed why it doesnt swing as long as the 5 foot cord did then we discussed that a 15 foot cord would swing longer, or forever if done correctly. It's still hard to wrap my brain around the pendulum never stopping if done right!