Monday, August 1, 2011

Music: the mood enhancing motivator

I woke up this morning in my usually semi cranky mood, I am just not a morning person despite how hard I try. I might actually be a morning person if I could pull myself out of bed before the kids bombard me. (note to self; try to get up before the kids)I was out of all foods for the kids so I threw on some clothes and headed to the grocery store before my husband could tell me NO he couldn't not watch the kids.

I turn on the car and I cannot even remember what song was playing, but it totally changed my mood! Now I am in a pretty good mood driving down the sunny tree lined road I live on.Then the second song comes on. Here is a little clip I found on youtube of the song .....

So my brain started churning out ideas about how awesome music is and that it's such a mood enhancer. I love music I can hear a song from my childhood or even a few years ago and I can remember exactly what I was doing at that period in my life or a very specific event tied to that song! So I decided I want to bring more music into my children's life and our homeschooling.

I was wondering through the grocery store enjoying the quite kid free morning. There are only about 1 dozen people in the store right now workers stocking produce and stacking fresh meat into nice piles while joking with one another. A single male in his late 20's with flip flops on and plaid shorts browsing the fresh greens. It makes me happy when I see people making healthy choices. I am always saddened by grocery carts full of possessed foods and junk! I smile at people as I pass by but only receiving a few smiles in return.

While checking out I was chatting with Lynn, our regular cashier and we started on the subject of how people just are not nice anymore and that old and young people she sees are just rude and feel that life just owes them. I myself know many people this way. What happened to society that everyone is out to get what they want and just screw everyone else in the process. It seems that there are so many peope wanting to sit and complain about how life screwed them over and that life sucks. You are where you are in life because you choose to be there. Madonna was homeless and lived in her car for a long time before she made it, but she kept trying because she believed in herself and had the drive and will to succeed. There are very few fairy tale stories in life so if you want something you have to fight for it and be expected to get knocked down 100 or more times before you will get to where you want to be and when you do make it there the amount of satisfaction you will have with be beyond words.

Just as I was almost home Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson comes on and has a timely end at the exact moment I pull in the drive. I love that song too the only person that can change you life is you!

one last thought:
If you wear a sports Jersey and watch sports and complain about how much they get paid stop and think about this.....are you living life or watching some one else live their life? So how do you want to live watching others or living your own?

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