Saturday, August 27, 2011

Watermelon counting

Watermelon fun!!

We went out to Great Grandpas farm and picked all sorts of foods the 2 yr old wanted a watermelon so bad, he pulled and he pulled until it was free. Then he rolled and rolled .....and rolled some more with the help of his sister to get it to the wagon.

We went home at enjoyed the juicy sweet treat then saved all the seeds, washed them and set them in the sun to dry. Then we could sort them on our watermelon cards.

My 5 year old helped me make these watermelon cutouts outs.

We also used these cards to talk about fractions and odd and even numbers. We would sort the cards out then decide if there was enough for everyone to get and equal share or not!

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Our Country Road said...

So cute!! The watermelon picking looks like it was fun, too.